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Blank Silver Pacifier

Sublimation Blanks & More

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  • 2 Sublimation Disc
  • 2 adhesive stickers 
  • For Sublimation

How to Press this item.

  1. Remove protective film
  2. Set your heat press to 400f degrees. Time: 45-60 seconds. Pressure: Medium.
  3. When printing make sure to MIRROR your image.
  4. Position your transfer face down (use heat tape if desired) and cover with Teflon sheet or plain white paper.
  5. Remove transfer immediately.



How to clean this pacifier?

DO NOT place inside dish washer, microwave, or boil.
HAND WASH with lukewarm soapy water

Like most plated jewelry you can run the risk of discoloring if you wash with any strong detergents etc. If you do decide to wash the chain, be sure to thoroughly dry it as soon as possible to avoid any discoloring.

Not responsible for misuse of this product